Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Dear Regan,

Today you turned three!  And your Dad and I can hardly believe how quickly these three years have gone by.  This year has been a big year for you between traveling to visit your cousins, learning to swim to the side of the pool by yourself, potty training, and most importantly becoming a big sister!  You amaze us!

There are no maybes in your world you know exactly what you want when you want it.   You are still daddy's little girl which I think you may never grow out of.  You are happiest when daddy wakes you up in the morning to have breakfast with you.  Normally breakfast is pancakes or oatmeal and you will happily sit on your daddy's lap and eat as slowly as you can so you can enjoy every second with him until he leaves for work.  Only minutes after he leaves you will begin asking me when daddy will be home and if he can feed you breakfast again.  To let you in on a little secret I think daddy loves breakfast time with you more then you do.  He cherishes those morning minutes with his little girl before going off for a hectic day at work.

You are also an incredible big sister.  You are loving, protective, and concerned when it come to Ayla.  You love to see you sister happy and laughing and will do whatever it takes to make her laugh.  If we are packing up to leave the house you always remind us to bring Ayla and if your sister is out of your sight you will search the house asking, "Where's Ayla?"  It means the world the to me that you love her and you call her your best friend.  Your Dad and I love watching you two interact with one another and the excitement I feel to be so lucky to watch the two of you grow up together is almost overwhelming.

You are special beyond words, we love you birthday girl!  And it is our privilege to watch and help you grow!


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.