Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Way of Life...

Tonight at dinner Regan told David and I "Play for the rest of your life."  I personally think my daughter is wise beyond her years! :)  And I hope that in 20 years she is living by her own words and still playing.  I just LOVE that little girl!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bath Time!

Bath time is a big even now that Ayla is old enough to sit in the bath with Regan and it also may now be my favorite time of day. First it means bedtime is nearing!  Second they our so stinking cute together.  Ayla could splish and splash all night long if we let her and Regan carefully picks out toys for Ayla to play with before ripping them away and trading it for another.  Luckily Ayla seems to find this routine funny.  They crack me up I love to watch them play together.

This bath moment actually happened in the middle of the day you can't see it so well in the black and white photo but look closely at the one in color.  Regan and I were working on an art project using glitter when Regan got close to the cup of glitter and decided to blow as hard as she could.  So no I didn't put eyeliner on my child nor was this halloween.  It was simply a three year old figuring out just what happens when you blow on glitter! :)

Might as well show the cute pic of Ayla too, I just can't get enough of that little side grin!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Phone Call to Princess Belle

So yesterday Regan and Daddy got into a conversation about whether or not princesses use the potty.  Our head strong little three old occasionally goes thru stages where she figures out we control her all day long and well potty time we can't control!  It is not pretty and although everyone says don't get angry it is so hard not to!  Especially when she has been using the potty and then just decides to stop one day.

So as David was debating with Regan if princesses use the potty or not he blurted out, "Do you want to call a princess and ask?"

Regan quickly said, "Yes let's call princess Belle."  (Beauty and the Beast princess)

I made a quick call to my sister Megan, and told her when we call in the next few moments it will be Regan calling for princess Belle to ask about the potty.   And so Megan did just that and the conversation went something like this...

Megan: "Princess Castle"
Regan (after a little prompting): Is princess Belle there?
M: One moment let me check for princesse Belle.
M: Hello this is princess Belle.
R:  This is Regan (she was a bit nervous to be talking to a princess and was talking very softly)
M:  How are you doing Regan.
R:  Good.  Do princesses use the potty?
M: Oh yes we do use the potty.  I was not able to wear my pretty princess dresses until I learned to use the potty.

They talked a little longer about potty usage and then got off the phone and within about five minutes Regan turned to David and excitedly said, "Daddy I NEED to use the potty!!!"

Thanks Megan for playing along and lets hope this head strong three year old does not go back to her controlling ways tomorrow! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Yeah!

So not only were there a bunch of treats at the Halloween party but there were also a bunch of dressed up kiddos!  I love to think that in 10 years these kids will be coming over to play with Regan and Ayla and we will be able to show them pics we have of them when they were little.

Monica and Ayla

Sweet Peyton!  I don't know what it is about this little boy but I love him sooooo much!

Sweet little Addie!  Such a girl!

There is that cute little Peyton again!

Hey Victor!  I can not say Victor's name without singing Victor Vito!

Regan's BFF Avery!

Is this not the prettiest little girl you have ever seen?  Look out mom and dad you will have boys calling on Taylor in high school!

Victor's new brother David!  He has the cutest smile I just couldn't catch it! :(

My Baby A!

"The Girls"

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey! (Avery can never say her just once and now it has kind of stuck)

Cameron the little Devil!

And we can't forget the little pirate!

Treat or Treat!

Is it possible to gain 10 pounds in one evening?  Last night we went to a Halloween party and well I will tell you the dessert options were plenty and of course I had to try them all!  Thank you Carlene for all the sweet treats!

You know when you go to eat or drink something and when you take a bite you almost want to spit out whatever it is because it was not what you were expecting?  Well this is nothing like that oh these little cupcakes looked so good I had to try one but when I took a bite it was not a cupcake at all but a frosted brownie.  And I did not care one bit that it was not the cake I was expecting! :)

And these cookies, yes I did consider each different type different I mean really the frosting to decorative sugar content is different on each so I had to figure out which one I liked best...

There were also caramel apples, and donut hole eyeballs, and oh how I love Halloween treats!!!


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.