Sunday, March 22, 2009

So the weather was hit and miss today and so when you are stuck inside what better to do then to dress up then dance and jump on mommy and daddy's bed!

I noticed when posting these photos how well you can see the pictures above our bed. Those are pics of Regan when she was about nine months old and I swear her face looks exactly the same! She is a little bigger, her hair is a little longer, but her face has not changed she still makes the same expressions today as she did then. I can't believe how quickly we have gotten here she is growing up to fast!

As for Ayla she has been smiling this last week and smiling a lot. I was finally able to catch it on camera but you should have seen how many photos I had to take! She is now six week old and already sleeping through the night for me! At least giving me a solid seven hours! Thank you Ayla! Your sister did not begin sleeping through the night until she was ten months old. I only hope this will continue. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HA HA!!! I REALLY am terrible!

So I guess I have proven I am not good at sending out photos of my girls or at updating my blog! And yes I said girl so you now know from my last post that I have had the baby and she is happy and healthy. Her name is Ayla and she was born Jan. 27th. Although anyone who reads this blog probably already knows that!

So what has happened in the last 8 months that has kept me away from updating my blog? A lot!! But I will just touch on the main events. First Regan turned 2 can you believe it, now she is two and half but here are a couple photos from the big girl's b-day! Regan had a great day and being that it was the first time she ever had a juice box she never put it down once she picked it up! She still continue to drink her juice that way I think if we gave her to much juice at once she would forget to breath.

During October Regan and I took a trip to Utah to visit all the family that is now there. Aunt Megan, Uncle Britt, Aidan, Ashton, Uncle Pat, and Grandpa Ranahan. I never guessed I would have so much family in Utah! But is is beautiful there and we love to visit! Aiden and Ashton we great with Regan and Britt got some great pics and Ashton and Regan dancing that I will have to get back to to post! We did so much while we were there from Halloween pics of the kids, the pumpkin patch, and Regan and I even spent a day in Megan's class. Megan's class also happens to be Aidan's first grade class so we got a two for one deal. It was so cute to Aidan at school. He is so big and to think he was the start of this whole next generation.

Oh my goodness you should have seen me on the plane, pregnant, toddler, stroller, car seat, bag, it was stressful! But on the way home I checked that car seat, at least I had one less thing to worry about. But when I saw this picture it reminded me of how cute Regan was on the plane. She was so excited and I was so embarrassed when we sat down and she shouted "I just tooted!"

We also got the chance to take a trip down to southern California. I was in my friend Jennia's wedding, it was beautiful wedding on the beach and it gave us a chance to visit the Farnsworths and go to Disneyland. It was a great get away with lots of good family and friends.

Marisa and Keith were nice and brave enough to watch Regan while David and I attended the wedding. They spent a day at downtown disney and by the hotel pool, and bought Regan a cute pair or Minnie Mouse pajamas that she still talks about getting with Elise. The next day we all went to the Disney Breakfast! It was cute the kids especially Sam really enjoyed it.

After breakfast we had to say goodbye to the Fabulous Farnsworths and meet up with the Perez family! Time for Disneyland Regan and Avery had a blast. What a great age to take kids to Disneyland it really made an impression on Regan. Actually I did this a little backwards because we went to Disneyland before going to Utah. Megan then requested we never go to Disneyland before a visit because Regan was dissappointed every morning we woke up and we weren't going to Disneyland. She thought we weren't at home we must be going to see Mickey Mouse! Right?

Isn't she so darn cute with all of her loot. Thank you Marisa and Keith for the PJ and thank you Ted and Carlene for the ears, we got off easy because everyone else bought her gifts!

We spent the holidays with family and I hosted my first Thanksgiving! But it was just us and my grandma so it was small but the Turkey was so good if I do say so myself. Here are just some photos to catch us up. Although I do think I owe Ayla one complete posting of her own so that will be coming soon!

The Polar Express Train Ride with the Joiner Clan! So Fun!!! And Regan's first white christmas!

Okay so I think that is enough catching up on our lives for now. I will come back for the rest of the updates soon. Thank you Marisa for inspiring me to get back to this. It is amazing how quickly the days go by and the kids grow up. And I don't want to miss or forget anything!


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.