Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is an Announcement from the Joiner Blogcast System...

We are happy to introduce Baby J!!

Due Date: Jan 30th
Sex: Unknown
Length: 17mm
Weight: not much

Stay posted for updates!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where have we been?

Well you will notice that the post below is dated May 27th.  That was the start of the sick days!  Not just one sick day.  Regan was sick for a good week including trips to the doctor and ear infections.  The following week it was my turn complete with calls to the doctors and a sinus infection.  The week after that David got it for a few days but I think was mainly worn out from taking care of Regan and I.  So my apologies I have no new photos but we are back and hopefully will be sharing lots more Regan moments soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sick Days...

As much as I hate to see my little girl not feeling well, there is something I love about sick days.  Terribly selfish of me I know.  But I love having an excuse to spend the day doing nothing with Regan.  Although it is hard to keep a 20 month old from actually doing nothing.  
So we spent the day coloring, watching the Mickey Mouse Club House, washing hands (which Regan is now obsessed with since we got her a step stool and she is tall enough to reach the sink), and feeding and watching our new fish, Fishy.
Regan's buddy Avery just had her 1st birthday and all the kids got to take home a gold fish.  So here are a few pictures of Regan enjoying her new fish.  Thanks Avery!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Little Utah Inspiration...

These are two of my fantastic nephews!  And despite the fact they have the same parents you could not meet two boys that are so different, and I love it!!  Aidan is on the left and Ashton on the right!

So I recently received an e-mail from my oldest sister Megan, who lives in Utah, she has two boys and is great at keeping track of their recent quotes and things they do to demonstrate their personality.  So below are a few updates she sent me about the boys which have inspired me to start the new sections on the right..."Things I have learned from Regan," and "Quotes from Regan."

Thanks Meg for the idea!  And make sure to tells those boys how much I love them!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I am watching you...

My dear sweet sister Marisa,  
You complained that I did not do a good job at keeping the family posted about Regan's life and provide recent photos.  So I responded and told you I had started a blog, and alas you have not showed up.  I got sneaking and added a site meter to satisfy my own curiosity and well you have failed.  I watch it religiously and there is no sign of you on the site at all.  
Now I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say maybe the site meter isn't working correctly, but why don't you let me know when you read this.  And we can make a final judgement from there.  And I don't want to hear anymore about how I don't send out new pictures.
Love you,
PS   This is not just geared towards Marisa, she just gets the brunt of it because she was my inspiration to even start a blog.  But you other family members know who you are and I am watching you too!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl!

Okay so first let me say that I really enjoy the relationship my daughter has with my husband, but....

I carried her for nine months
I nursed her for nine months
I stay with her when she is sick
I hold her hand at the doctor's office
and the list could go on.

SO WHY?  Why is it that when I go to get her in the morning I am greeted with, "I want daddy" or "Where's daddy?"  Well I want to know what about mommy?!  I have searched for some good advice on how to handle the favorites issue but the truth is I just plain think its not fair!! At least for me.

And my dear sweet unknowing husband, tries to tell our daughter to be nice to me and makes her apologize when I interrupt a father daughter moment and I am told  "go way, mommy, go way."  But I don't know if that helps, I don't want her to be forced to be nice to her mother when daddy is around.  And let me clarify, we have a wonderful time when it is the two of us, just when daddy gets home from work that is it she is done with me and wants her daddy.  Should I not be offended?  Part of me thinks my husband won't get this moment forever either, and I should just let him enjoy it without him feeling guilty that my feelings have been hurt.

So here is to all that take second in the hearts of their little ones, and I strongly believe that someday we will take first again.  

And if not with my daughter I will keep having kids until I do. (not really)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I just like this picture...

Last new photo for the night, I promise.

Although you do have to admit she is so darn cute!

Who's driving?

Regan and Jack got to drive Papa Ralph's boat this weekend.  My advice...

"Enjoy it now kids, because when you are old enough to drive it you may not get to!"  

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yes, I said Chickens!!

The Joiner clan had a very busy weekend! It started with dinner Friday night with Uncle Brian, Aunt Sarah, and Jack. Who by the way just got five chickens!!! They are going organic and raising chickens for eggs. The chickens are very cute and the kids loved them. Why am I not surprised that Brian is the first person I know to raise chickens?

Oh yeah and did we mention that Brian and Sarah's backyard is kid heaven! Big play structure, trampoline, sandbox, garden, and of course the soon to be added chickens! Cousin Jack and Regan love to run on the trampoline and we think the static makes a good hair style on Jack!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to the Park

I have to say that both our girls love the Park!  We can no longer say this word in the house unless we plan on being in the car within two minutes and on our way to "the happy fun place" or the "grassy knoll" as we call it so we can't be understood.
Regan loves the slide but I think she loves throwing the tennis ball for Piper even more.  Although the ball never goes very far, and when we ask if she needs help we are told "No, I do it!"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Maybe she will be a Firefighter!

Regan and I went to a fire station last week with her friends, the firefighters gave us tour and handed out red hats, and Regan hasn't taken hers off since!  She wakes up in the morning and wants to put it on, or she wants dad to put it on. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watching Regan Grow

Okay so I know I am terrible at keeping in touch so this is my attempt to have a place for family and friends to go and watch Regan grow.  So here is my first posting hope you all enjoy, I know we are enjoying every minute with Regan!


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.