Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Wish I Was Still Working...

Okay so other then the obvious more money, my children are driving me crazy, my brain needs exercise and adult conversation.  There are some not so obvious consequences of my not working.  I guess it really comes back to more money but there are things I find myself doing to try and save money.  Like shopping at less then foodie desirable grocery stores, which by the way my friend is able to make look good just look here.  I find myself clipping coupons, going way to long in between haircuts, wearing clothes that well basically I shouldn't.  All of these I can somehow live with.  I tell myself it is not forever we will get back on track and tacking care of girls is more important then clothes.  I think I tell myself that one daily.

But today I think I did try a money saving option that may not have been worth it.  First let me tell you this is $50 I saved and we used to do it almost monthly so I was thinking shot I could save $400-$600 a year!  And so I did it myself.  Are you ready to hear.  I shaved Piper.  Now simply saying those words does not sound that bad but the fact is the dog is hairy!  Plus she was getting dread locks so it was time.  So if you are brave enough to continue on and see the small dog I removed from Piper today. 

Now there are a few things I can predict from sharing this picture.  First my brother in-law, Keith, will say "and that is reason number 304 not to have a dog."  Second someone will not read the posting and just look at the picture do a double take to try and figure out if that is a dog or not.  And thirdly the next time I think "maybe I should shave Piper" I can look back at this post and think long and hard about if I really want to do that again.

Also I have to say if Piper could speak she may choose for me to NOT shave her again.  Look at this poor puppy I think she hates me.  I know she doesn't trust me.  For the rest of the day she would not come if I called her. :(

But here is why I love that I am not currently working!  Regan and Ayla found their new favorite game to play together today!  Please excuse the lack of clothes on my daughter I would have blacked it out but I figure the blurriness of picture took care of that. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy First Birthday Ayla!

Little Miss A turned one last week.  We had just a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate.  And good thing because our poor little girl was not feeling well.  In fact after five days of antibiotics we found out today that she is not getting any better.  So now she is on a stronger medication and an inhaler.      Not the way to start your second year.  But we celebrated her first year and even though she wasn't feeling well I think she enjoyed her day.

Here she is with her sister and their cousin Wild Jack.  Jack needs his own post to explain the wild and I may even need to include a video for the first time on my blog simply because a still picture cannot show the wild side of Jack.

Then we had cake.  And I so badly wanted a cake topper from The Lollipop Workshop but it was closed for the whole month of Jan. :(  So I had to try and make one myself.  I don't think I did that bad, not quite as cute but it would have to do.  I also made a cute little birthday hat for Ayla which she of course refused to  wear.  Oh and I made a checkerboard cake!  I loved it and was so happy that it turned out because you really don't know until you cut the cake!  My sister got me the kit oh about nine years ago and think this is only the second time I used it.  I may have to pull it out more often!

Ayla didn't really know what to do with the cake.  I so badly wanted her to dig in and get it all over the place.  I think it is so cute when the kids do that but alas she barely ate it.  Most of the frosting on her face and fingers got there because David and I kept sticking her fingers in the cake trying to get her to taste it.  Come on kid it is sugar you should be going nuts!  But at least Regan and Avery had no problem walking right up and showing her just how to dig in.

After cake she was DONE.  I think she took the longest nap of her life.  So then Michele (Grandma) and I thought maybe now she will eat the cake.  And sure enough a little sleep is all the girl needed.


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.