Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful....

Shh don't tell David but here is a sneak peek at his father's day present, I can post this because well David doesn't do the whole internet thing unless it is for work or he is reading it over my shoulder.  All of the pics in this post were taken by Nicole Fields Photography.

Aren't they sooooo cute!  I love looking at these pictures.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pushups pushups and more pushups!

Okay so here is the deal, a friend in my mother's group, Nicole, told me about a website that can get you to do 100 pushups in six weeks.  My question is, really?  Because when I tried to do them I could only do six!  And well I just can't imagine ever being able to do 100.  So I am giving it a shot and trying to get to 100 in six weeks, I will believe it when I see it.  But best of all if I get there I am going to challenge by brother-in-law (and hopefully make a few bucks) because he will never ever think I am capable of 20 pushups, which as of today he is right.  Anyway if you want to try it too just to say you can go here.  There are also links to doing like 200 sit-ups and squats, but I got to take this one workout at a time.

Lisa if you are reading this don't tell Brian!

Also here is another secret, for the very first workout I started at the lowest level possible because even though I did six for my initial test I could barely do two when I started the program.  

Day one done only 16 more to go!  Doesn't seem that bad does it?  I will let you know how it goes and maybe even include a picture of my guns if I get there.  And you will just have to trust me when I say currently no guns! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kretive Blogger Award


Really Me?  Thanks Marisa I am terrible at keeping my blog up to date and well not all that creative.  But Marisa is my sister so she has to show me some love. :)  So this award does just that and now it is my turn to spread the love.  Here is the deal now that I have been issued the award I must pass it on to 5 others and also list five things I love.  I wonder if this is how the award rules worked in the very beginning or if this is like the blogger version of telephone.  Who got the first award?  And have the requirements changed at all since its creation?  Anyway if I selected you as a winner you now know this award does not come freely it is your turn to spread the word about blogs you like to read.  Have fun and thanks for passing it along! :)

This is my oldest sister's blog.  It is brand new but I know it will be one to watch because I have some funny nephews, my sister is a great writer and she, unlike me, is very organized and I am sure will be very good at updating her blog and sharing good stories.

This is friend and my most favorite professional photographer, maybe because she has taken some great pics of my kids!  But I love looking at her blog and seeing her most recent work.  I hope to one day take pictures half as good as she does.

My sister Marisa introduced me to this blog and all I have to say is cake pops!  Check it out so cute!

This is my sister-in-law's sister, do you follow that?   She is great with updates she always has them and I have noticed some very cute crafty ideas that I love.

Cute blog design, cute jewelry, cute kids, cute shoes (she never shows a picture of herself), just simply cute.  And then so funny to read, she can be blunt about motherhood which can contradict all the cuteness of her blog makes it interesting and fun to read!

Okay five things I love...
1.  My Husband
2.  My girls Regan and Ayla
3.  My amazing group of mommy friends that keep me motivated to be a good mommy and remind me to be good to myself!
4.  My Camera, not my photos just yet but I will get there! :)
5.  My Kitchen Aid Mixer 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Miss Her!!!

I miss Ayla so much!  You might be wondering where a four month old goes to make her mother miss her so much it aches a little.  Well I will tell you they don't have to go far.  Up until last week Ayla was still sleeping about a foot away from me in a little moses basket.  She was an arms reach away and I liked it!  To be honest I also didn't mind if she fell asleep in bed curled up next to me.  I cherished every moment and even if I wasn't sleeping well it didn't matter she was happy and so was I.  But David was ready for us to have our room back and even the pediatrician told me to get her in the crib now before it becomes to late and life becomes hard to make changes.  So I did it she is in her crib and I miss her!  But...she doesn't miss me! :( She is sleeping fine and in fact can be placed in the crib wide awake and calmly watch her mobile and suck on her thumb and fall asleep.  I thought she might fuss I thought there would be a few nights where I would have to go in and get her and rock her back to sleep but nope she sleeps soundly.  I know I shouldn't complain I am super lucky to have a four month old sleeping all night but I wasn't expecting it.

Regan was in the crib after a week, this really means she was in her crib for about three hours before I had to go in and feed her and fall asleep with her in the rocker.  I had a kink in my neck for about 10 months and I would have enjoyed that kink a lot more if I knew how quickly she would grow up.   Ayla and Regan share a room so I was going to keep her in my room until she was sleeping well so she wouldn't wake Regan and I thought I would have her for awhile.  But then she was sleeping all night at two months!  I know fantastic right?  But what?  Just two months?  I wasn't having it.  And then the pediatrician told me she should go, David was ready for her to go and then I saw this....

Yes those are her feet. :(  She is long and well has just out grown the moses basket.

but isn't she cute?  All though she is looking at me like yes mom it is time for me to move on, I won't be far just a few a steps away, please mom I need more space!

So there it is my baby is growing up and this is only the first of many transitions that I am sure will be harder on me then her.


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.