Monday, June 15, 2009

Pushups pushups and more pushups!

Okay so here is the deal, a friend in my mother's group, Nicole, told me about a website that can get you to do 100 pushups in six weeks.  My question is, really?  Because when I tried to do them I could only do six!  And well I just can't imagine ever being able to do 100.  So I am giving it a shot and trying to get to 100 in six weeks, I will believe it when I see it.  But best of all if I get there I am going to challenge by brother-in-law (and hopefully make a few bucks) because he will never ever think I am capable of 20 pushups, which as of today he is right.  Anyway if you want to try it too just to say you can go here.  There are also links to doing like 200 sit-ups and squats, but I got to take this one workout at a time.

Lisa if you are reading this don't tell Brian!

Also here is another secret, for the very first workout I started at the lowest level possible because even though I did six for my initial test I could barely do two when I started the program.  

Day one done only 16 more to go!  Doesn't seem that bad does it?  I will let you know how it goes and maybe even include a picture of my guns if I get there.  And you will just have to trust me when I say currently no guns! 


Blake Bunch said...

OMGSH!!! This is great!!! Right up my alley you have no idea!!! i started this "sneak attack senior citizen workout" a month or so ago where I started very small with push ups and sit ups and squats and I just add one every day! SSSSsshhh don't tell Doug! I would never share your secret with the biggest smart butt in town btw :)!

I am excited to expand on my super hard workout and give yours a try!

Okay and tomorrow I will officially accept my kreative blogger's award so stay tuned!

Blake Bunch said...

Oh yeah, so make sure and tell us how you did it!

Can't wait to see your big guns!


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