Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl!

Okay so first let me say that I really enjoy the relationship my daughter has with my husband, but....

I carried her for nine months
I nursed her for nine months
I stay with her when she is sick
I hold her hand at the doctor's office
and the list could go on.

SO WHY?  Why is it that when I go to get her in the morning I am greeted with, "I want daddy" or "Where's daddy?"  Well I want to know what about mommy?!  I have searched for some good advice on how to handle the favorites issue but the truth is I just plain think its not fair!! At least for me.

And my dear sweet unknowing husband, tries to tell our daughter to be nice to me and makes her apologize when I interrupt a father daughter moment and I am told  "go way, mommy, go way."  But I don't know if that helps, I don't want her to be forced to be nice to her mother when daddy is around.  And let me clarify, we have a wonderful time when it is the two of us, just when daddy gets home from work that is it she is done with me and wants her daddy.  Should I not be offended?  Part of me thinks my husband won't get this moment forever either, and I should just let him enjoy it without him feeling guilty that my feelings have been hurt.

So here is to all that take second in the hearts of their little ones, and I strongly believe that someday we will take first again.  

And if not with my daughter I will keep having kids until I do. (not really)

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