Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No more excuses!

So it is pouring rain and windy as can be, Ayla is napping, and Regan is watching a movie so I have no excuses not to update my blog finally!  Although I probably could be cleaning something, doing laundry, making a grocery list but isn't that always the case?

It has been so long what to talk about there is so much so don't be surprised if in the next few days you see a few post dated items that make it look like I haven't skipped a beat! :)  Last week we were in San Diego and the weather was so nice.  NOT at all rainy or windy and it was so nice to enjoy some sunshine.  We also enjoyed just visiting we had no big plans just to hang out with Marisa, Keith, Sam and Elise and how nice it was.  We enjoyed some time at the park, sometime at the beach, and time at the house!

Here are just a few pics from our park time.  The girls rode their bikes, and now the question is do I tell the story of my poor supervising.  It just about killed me and my sister.  Well here it is, Sam was going back and forth about whether or not he was going to the park how he was getting to the park, bike or scooter or walk.  Anyway I was walking ahead with the girls and Elise was quite a bit faster then Regan so I was between the girls or back with Regan or ahead with Elise trying to keep them happy.  Well then the sidewalk started to go downhill and I was back with Regan and we were coming to a corner when Elise started to roll faster and faster she was losing control I was in panic!  I started running but I was too far.  Oh it killed me to watch her roll toward the street.  Luckily there were no cars coming but I could hear her calling for help and I coudn't get there. :(  Thank god she was able to make the turn and not go in the street but she had her first good bike crash.  Poor little thing she hit the grass so no injuries other then I am sure she was scared to death!

But that brave little girl got right back on her bike.  It took awhile to settle down but then she got on that bike went to the park and had fun.  I know she will never remember the day but she just might remember the feeling.  I hope she will continue to be brave and not let the falls in life ever bring her little go getter spirit down.  Sooooo sorry my little Elise!


Blake Bunch said...

You are back!!! Yay!!! Oh how scary that must have been?! I am so glad all turned out okay :)!

I am always AMAZED at your photog skills!!! I need your help! I'll make brownies????? PLease!!

Joiner Family said...

I don't know if I can help that much but I can try and how can I turn down brownies? I still ask a lot of questions from my sister and bloggers but I am happy to try and share the little I know.

Blake Bunch said...

YAY! Trust can help me! I know nothing! And I do make delicious brownies! I would love to get a chance to see the girls anyway! Just call me or email me 780-1129

Joiner Family said...

Hi Lisa I thought I would share I just singed up for an online photo class! I am so excited so hopefully I will learn a few things and have something to share with you. I think it is a pretty basic class but I just really want to know how to use that camera that cost more money then we had to spend on it! :)


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.