Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple Hill

Fall is here and the Halloween activities begin. One of my favorites is Apple Hill. This cute little area of apple farms has great activities for the kids crafts, pony rides, apple picking, pumpkin patches all sorts of good stuff. To be honest I am not so sure I would enjoy it without the kids although there are a few wineries so the places we pick to stop at would probably just be different.

On this trip we met two very nice families that were new to the area. They are military families so one of the wives told me she is always new tho the area! It is a very different way of life. And although it sounds appealing to get the chance to live in so many parts of the country I began to see how hard it can be on families. She was very supportive of her husband but was pretty honest on how hard it is to always be making new friends and getting to know new areas. I always bug David to move. I look up jobs and homes in other states, being from California and buying a home at the worst time possible I have developed a hobby of looking at homes in other areas and saying "holy crap! Look what we can afford here!" However my sweet husband listens to me and then goes about his day with no intentions of taking me up on any of my finds. And thank goodness he hasn't or I might have us moving more then military families have to!

Anyway back to Apple Hill at our first stop Regan got to ride a pony. She waited patiently to pay for her turn which she waited extra long for so she could ride the "big pony." We found out the pony's name was peaches.  We also had to check out all the pumpkins, which I think is one of Regan's favorite things activities, she just loves pumpkins!

Our next stop was our favorite it is number 22 on the Apple Hill map but I can't remember the name! This place had a maze, animals, a pie shop with caramel apples, caramel marshmallows, tasty apple pie and lots of other items with about 5 cups of sugar!

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Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.