Thursday, June 10, 2010


We found our first letterbox!  Mim will be so proud!  About a year ago Mim told us about letterboxing, my first thought about what letterboxing was is not appropriate to post but I knew if it was coming from my mom I must be wrong about what letterboxing means.

People have hidden letterboxes (stamps) in parks along hiking trails to be found.  When you find a letterbox you sign their "guest book" with your own stamp and trail name and then you can keep a book for yourself to collect the letterboxes you find.  You can find more info here.

Regan is very into treasure hunts right now so I figured it was a good age to give it a try.  So off we went to find a letterbox I thought would be easy.  Then there was a creek to cross, fallen trees to climb through and that is when I decided this was not going to be easy with me, Regan and Ayla.  So I found a new letterbox to track down.  The next set of clues we followed were placed perfectly for kids to search for.  We almost missed it but right before giving up we checked one more spot.  I sort of just kicked around quickly not expecting to find anything and then there it was!

Thank you FamiLee of 4 for giving us a fun free morning and making it kid friendly!

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GETyourMOMMYon said...

I just learned there is a letterbox in New Harmony. I'm so excited to find it. Thanks for the idea!


Things I've Learned From Regan

  • The altitude is in the mountains
  • Nothing is as fun as water!
  • ...David is HER daddy.